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Proceeds from this event support the SickKids Foundation and are designated to the Meagan Bebenek Endowment Fund and awareness, research and treatment of paediatric brain tumours at SickKids.


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April 2019

I recall eighteen years ago, when I first understood the devastating effects that brain tumours had on children and their families. On my family.

Following Meagan’s diagnosis, the path we walked was lonely. How could this happen to a little child, and so quickly? I was shocked, but I was equally determined that I must do something to change the statistics about paediatric brain tumours.

Our steps together have significant impact, drawing attention to brain tumours, and the effects they have on too many. Together we fund essential research, fostering that collaborative effort and shared knowledge that leads to improved outcomes and quality of life for children.

Together we are stronger.

I am inspired by the compassion and strength of the Meagan’s Walk community. I look forward to Meagan’s Walk and Hug on Saturday, May 11th and to seeing you there.

- Denise Bebenek

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December 2018

Everything we do and achieve at Meagan’s Walk is because we are united. Our community shares a common thread; a community in which we support each other as we walk this path.

My initial vision of Meagan’s Walk came to me as I walked a path that, as a parent, I could not have imagined. And I knew that no parent, no family should have to walk this path alone.

The holiday season can be a trying time, and for families affected by devastating circumstances, such as a serious illness, the glitter and “jolly” messages can fly in the face of all you feel inside. I recall too well the heavy heart, the terrible sadness. And I hope that in some way you take comfort in knowing that you are part of the Meagan’s Walk Hug, this community that is drawn together and determined to make a difference.

My thanks for your continued support and compassion. I send my warmest wishes to you, your family and friends, for a peaceful holiday season.

- Denise Bebenek

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Summer 2018

Together We Hug! This was the theme for the 2018 Meagan’s Walk and Hug. All that makes Meagan’s Walk and Hug a success is due to our effort as a community. Our Meagan’s Walk families and participants, our Partners, and, of course, the devoted support of many volunteers!

Earlier this year, Meagan’s Walk was able to fund 8 brain tumour research projects, all focused on improving outcomes for young brain tumour patients. In late June, SickKids welcomed the 4th Meagan’s Walk Neuro-oncology Fellow, Dr. Lorena Baroni who comes to Canada from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Part of what sets Meagan’s Walk apart is that all your donations are directed to fund these research efforts. Our corporate and community partners are a vital part of the Meagan’s Walk community: their contributions provide for the operational costs.

Perhaps you, or someone you know, would be interested in becoming partners with Meagan’s Walk? There is a number of benefits that Meagan’s Walk offers our partners. Their support helps ensure that your donations to Meagan’s Walk have the biggest impact possible.

My thanks to all. I look forward to working with you as we move towards the 18th Annual Meagan’s Walk and Hug next May.

- Denise Bebenek

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May 2018

With the 17th Annual Meagan’s Walk and Hug only days away, I thank you for your generous commitment. This year’s theme is “Together We Hug”. You make your efforts count and give Meagan’s Walk its sense of place and community, with a resolve and focus on a common mission. It is because of your contributions that Meagan’s Walk will continue to bring a brighter future to young brain tumour patients everywhere. 

- Denise Bebenek

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March 2018

Meagan’s Walk and Hug, our signature event, takes place this year on Saturday, May 12th, on Mother’s Day weekend.

Please invite your family and friends in your own community to join us this year for the 17th annual event. Our 2018 theme is “Together We Hug”.

The more people and communities who join our circle, the more our Meagan’s Walk Heroes and their families will feel support in their own journeys. And our support has direct impact as well on brain tumour research here in Toronto and around the world.

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