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March 2017

Hugs! Hope! Impact!

There is a powerful link between what we do together, as a caring community, at Meagan's Walk, and its effect on the health of children.

With our support of rearsearch funding, advances continue in the understanding of how brain tumours work. And this leads to changes in the care of children. Join us on May 13th. Be part of the Hug and let's make a difference!

-Denise Bebenek, Founder, Meagan's Walk

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December 2016

With the holiday season just around the corner, many want to give a gift that is significant and will also make a difference!

Denise Bebenek founded Meagan’s Walk to raise awareness about paediatric brain tumours and funds for much needed research. Her determination grew, starting with the first Meagan’s Walk. Now as a community united by hope, Meagan’s Walk has directed more than $4.5 million to groundbreaking paediatric brain tumour research and discoveries that are changing treatments and outcomes for children with brain tumours.

Meagan’s Walk is a volunteer, community and not-for-profit organization that keeps making a difference! Dr. Christian Smith, Operations Manager at The Arthur and Sonia Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre, says, “Without grassroots funding, researchers would have to frame their research according to government funding levels. There would be no funding to support new project ideas.”

This holiday season, please help make a difference. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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October 2016

We need your help! Meagan's Walk is a grassroots, volunteer run organization that relies on corporate sponship to operate. We are currently seeking sponsors for our upcoming year. Sponsorship with Meagan’s Walk allows companies to take part in one of the largest fundraising events in the City of Toronto which unites thousands of people from all over the country. Along with brand recognition and employee engagement, sponsorship with Meagan’s Walk gives a corporation the chance to make a critical and direct impact on groundbreaking, global research into paediatric brain tumours.

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June 2016

Then Now Next 

This is a special year for Meagan’s Walk. We celebrate 15 years as a community united in its will to make a difference for those who are touched by brain tumours. 
What does the future hold for Meagan’s Walk? It will continue in its mission of hope, reminding young patients and their families that they are not alone; all while raising awareness of paediatric brain tumours and the funds needed for expanded research. With your support, Meagan’s Walk will continue to have a global impact leading to better outcomes for our children.
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April 2016

It's not to late to raise funds for Meagan's Walk!

This May 7th, Meagan’s Walk celebrates 15 Years of Creating a Circle of Hope. From our humble beginnings in 2002 when 800 people stretched fingertip-to-fingertip in our first ever human hug. To last year’s Meagan’s Walk when thousands of people joined hand-in-hand in one of the world’s largest human hugs. To date, we have raised an amazing $4 million. Next? Our goal: funding collaborative work of the world’s top brain tumour experts leading to new therapeutic approaches for young patients everywhere.

Join us at the SickKids stage on Elizabeth St. to reflect on the last 15 years and learn what’s in store for Meagan’s Walk and paediatric brain tumour research.

See you on May 7th.

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