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Proceeds from this event support the SickKids Foundation and are designated to the Meagan Bebenek Endowment Fund and awareness, research and treatment of paediatric brain tumours at SickKids.

Other Ways to Help

The first annual Meagan’s Walk: Creating a Circle of Hope took place on Mother’s Day 2002.  Despite the rainy weather, more than 800 chilled and determined participants joined hands and formed that first “hug” around The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), as a simple gesture of support for the children and their families within. Meagan’s Walk has been steadfast in its determination to raise awareness about paediatric brain tumours and to generate funds for the much needed research into this illness.  It is only through research that the mysteries and challenges of brain tumours will be understood, and better treatments can be developed to fight this deadly illness. As well as participating in the annual Meagan’s Walk on Mother’s Day Weekend there are other ways to give. Together we can make a difference. 

Personal Donations

Meagan’s Walk is proud to support SickKids, a health care facility that is known throughout the world for its discovery and leadership in children’s health care.  Funds raised through Meagan’s Walk are directed to The Arthur and Sonia Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre located at SickKids.  This is the only research facility in Canada dedicated to paediatric brain tumours, a leading cause of cancer related death in young people under age 20. Donations to Meagan’s Walk are receipted by SickKids Foundation. You may also wish to consider making a donation in memory of a loved one, or as a tribute in honour of a special occasion, such as an anniversary, a graduation or a colleague’s retirement. Donate Now

Be a Workplace “Ambassador”

Meagan's Walk is one of the largest and most heartfelt events in the City of Toronto. Many companies utilize the event as a team building exercise as it empowers and engages employees to make a difference in their community. Be a Meagan's Walk ambassador by encouraging your place of work to put together a corporate team for our signature event. Click here to download the Employee Engagement Information Package today. 

Host a Community Event – Be a Community Partner

You may wish to organize your own Meagan's Walk community event. There have been numerous contributions of funds raised through a variety of events such as golf tournaments, hair "cut-a-thons," sports competitions, bake sales, workplace initiatives, art and fashion shows, and much more. Company's all over the Greater Toronto Area are supporting Meagan's Walk while enhancing their brand and engaging their staff and customers. A fundraising, cause marketing campaign at your place of business shows community support and brings a new audience to your door step. Click here to find out more by reading our Cause Marketing Information Package.