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Proceeds from this event support the SickKids Foundation and are designated to the Meagan Bebenek Endowment Fund and awareness, research and treatment of paediatric brain tumours at SickKids.

Meagan's Walk Impacts Sick Kids Brain Tumour Research

Bike For Kids

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A journey across Canada: Two cyclists set to complete national ride in support of Meagan’s Walk

With heart, determination and compassion, avid cyclists Nir Meltzer and Sean Squires are on a ride of a lifetime. These incredible men from Toronto are cycling across Canada to raise awareness about paediatric brain tumours, the leading cause of cancer-related death in young people under age 20, and to raise funds for Meagan’s Walk to support innovative research leading to improved treatments and outcomes for young patients. We at Meagan’s Walk are beyond grateful they have chosen to support Meagan’s Walk, and thrilled to cheer them on along with countless other Canadians coast-to-coast.

Nir and Sean kicked off their “Bike for Kids” national journey on June 2nd, 2017 along the Pacific Ocean at Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver. Cycling on average 150k per day, they expect to reach St. John’s Newfoundland on July 21st, 2017.

The stories we have heard from Nir and Sean and through social media and the Canadian media are extraordinary. Traveling alongside the mountains, prairies, cities and towns, Nir and Sean have encountered generous individuals, hotels, restaurants and fire halls that have opened their doors and welcomed this duo with enthusiasm. This not only speaks to the kindness of Canadians, but is also a true testament to this wonderful place we call home as we celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.

On July 5th, Meagan’s Walk and The Hospital for Sick Children were honoured to welcome Nir and Sean as they rode to SickKids to meet with patients, Meagan’s Walk Heroes, young people who have been touched by brain tumours, supporters, and the media. Among the group was Dr. Liana Nobre, who only a few days earlier had arrived from Brazil to commence her tenure as the fourth Meagan’s Walk Neuro-Oncology Fellow.

As Nir and Sean near the end of their journey, Meagan’s Walk salutes their continued efforts to raise funds. Having hit their initial $50,000 goal, Nir and Sean decided to up the ante, raising the goal to $75,000. Those interested in learning more or donating are encouraged to explore this site or click here. To follow their cross-country ride, please follow Bike For Kids 2017 on Facebook and @BikeForKids2017 on Twitter and Instagram.

All funds raised through Bike for Kids will be directed by Meagan’s Walk to the Brain Tumour Research Centre at SickKids, which houses the only program in Canada dedicated to paediatric brain tumour research. To date, Meagan’s Walk has raised over $5 million and will continue to share the message of hope and raise funds through our annual Meagan’s Walk and numerous activities and events throughout the year. We thank all the individuals behind Bike for Kids for their commitment and bravery.

Good luck Nir and Sean on the last leg of your amazing journey!


And just like that BikeforKids2017 is done. Well, not just like that as it was 49 full days of hard work. We are so pleased to have finished and we were able to raise over $65,000 (and counting). So many people to thank and send big hugs to. But we want to first of all thank our wives for being so understanding and supportive. Huge thanks goes out to all at Meagan's Walk and to Larry Lewis for being our support and tech help while we were slugging it out daily. We thank you all and will personally show our appreciation in due time. But until then, a very very big Meagan's Walk hug to all.

Much love,

Sean & Nir


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Raising hope, awareness and funds for paediatric brain tumour research. A human hug like no other!

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